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The Hybrid

Objective and neutral support is essential to fully appreciate your expertise, talents, skills, knowledge, capabilities and motivation. Expertise and support is accessible through the PCMentorprogramme.

The PCMentorprogramme is a ‘hybrid’ and consolidates many years’ experience as both recipient and practitioner. The PCMentor and programme has creatively extracted effective elements from the facilitation, mentoring and coaching processes and practice – quite simply because it works well across all sections of society.

The underpinning philosophy is, as you would expect, positive and forward looking. The programme does embrace past and current experience to gather accurate data upon which to move towards, ‘realising lifelong opportunities. The fact-finding process has been specifically designed and developed to form a 360° view of you, your expertise and talents.

Whilst flexibility is in-built (prior, during and post programme to accommodate individual difference, preference and style of learning) the PCMentorprogramme provides the necessary structure for you to achieve your desired individual outcomes. You will be heartened (and pleasantly surprised) by the enlightening data which is sufficiently comprehensive for you to make choices and sound decisions.

To clarify, we

facilitate personal learning sessions

mentor appreciation of self, recognition of talents and realisation of aspirations

coach development of personally driven plans