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Prudence Clarke

Following an early career which spanned both global and national responsibilities, as a 'hands-on' HR practitioner and consultant, I took on the role of HR and Communications Manager for an international manufacturing organisation, over a period of ten years.

The drive to promote and provide sound employment practice advice across all sectors, led to developing my own company.

Design and development of the PLACE® (Project Leadership Assessment for the Commercial Environment) programme, grew out of consultancy with architectural, design and construction organisations who sought greater profitability from their projects. Working with leading organisations and organisational psychologists, the Project Leadership psychometric and profiler assessment tools PLACE® were developed and remain unique. “Profitability through Project Leadership”© our successful Forum signature title, forms the basis of the book of the same title, currently a ‘work in progress’.

TempusXtra, timewise people Ltd, a similar principle to macro level development above, grew out of an obvious business need and further, in fixing a societal gap in attitude towards the more mature individual as an integral part of the workforce. TX is currently converting to a membership-owned social enterprise; visit for details and to get involved, email
The PCMentorprogramme consoliates my broad and varied experience, knowledge and expertise to benefit individual clients wishing to ‘realise lifelong opportunities’.


"At the point that I met Prudence, I had a reasonable amount of experience in my chosen field behind me – but I had started to go off in a slightly different direction and I was keen to recalibrate, check in with myself and my “career” plans – and to work out where I wanted to go from that point onwards. The sessions helped me to become much more aware of my strengths, both personal and professional, and to draw on these strengths to map a way forwards for myself. Prudence was consistently clear, calm and humorous in her approach to working with me and managed to help me see the future, and my hopes for it, much more clearly. Looking back, these sessions played a huge part in a definite turning point in my career and my development.”
“I was lucky enough to take part in the 1-1 mentoring program with Prudence. Drawing on her wealth of experience, Prudence helped me to clarify my objectives and define my goals. Participating in the programme was an extremely important step in helping me to advance my career.”
“Having dedicated 1-1 time with Prudence on the mentoring programme was such a luxury and proved to be transformational in helping me start doing what I actually wanted to do, and focus on the right things. I came away from the sessions feeling inspired and started to make things happen, rather than just thinking about or researching them.”