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Purpose & Benefits
To provide practical support during transition periods, and may include · returning to work from a career break · redundancy or insecurity of position · achieving little job satisfaction / lack of stimulation / expectations not being fulfilled · job physically / mentally too stressful or demanding · career plateau · low self-esteem and lost direction · explore feasibility of setting up own business/venturing into self-employment 


· moving into retirement (or not) and the benefits gained can include · understanding employment/work options · clarification of aspirations · an appreciation of personal value · a reality check and what to trade off · how to gainfully use expertise · being fairly, financially rewarded and self-sufficient · renewed and refreshed focus on future activities · being energised and motivated for change · being content with status quo · confident to take on the challenge

  • Complimentary initial meeting
  • Six 2-hour face to face development and learning sessions
  • Exploratory face to face discussions
  • ‘What other’s think’ specifically designed questionnaire x 6
  • Completion of ‘fact finding’ exercises and questionnaires offering a 360° view

Plus, ongoing ‘virtual’ support over a 3-month period following agreed plan.

Inclusive programme fee -  £1500

Now LET’S GET GOING on the Four Key Steps.

Four Key Steps

1. Parameters

Set the scene and establish expectations

“What I expect from the programme”

2. Discovery 1, 2 & 3

Explore self, issues and options

“Who am I?”

3. Breakthrough

Prioritise aspiration, expertise and choices

“I have choices, what are my best options?”

4. Implementation

Set the scene and establish expectations

“Let’s get going - and how am I doing”